Kannibal Kannabis

Kannibal Kannabis

KANNIBAL KANNABIS is an American horrorcore rapper, DJ and promoter from Colorado.

He was formerly signed to Crease City Entertainment, Bloodfest Records, R.B. Productions, and Funhouse Productions, and is a former member of the groups xFuneralxSlaughterx, Gorenoize Boyz, Xerxes LAVEY, necrobelgroth, and Jerry Garcia Vega tube.


Serial Killer EP (2019)
Castle of Dark Illusions Mixtape (2021)
Southwest Killarado Sykopathic Siccness (2021)
Tha Dead Body Rapists (w/ Gorenoize Boyz) (2021)
Hack n Slash it With a Hatchet (Horrorcore Mixtape) (2022)

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