ILLtemper is an emcee from Pennsylvania. Since his debut release in 2013, he has released countless solo projects, as well as collaborative albums with the likes of Boy Blue, Edd Bundy, Oz Tha Don, and King Gordy.


Blood Vessels EP (w/ BeatAHoe) (2013)
Hungry for Agony EP (w/ 3kube) (2013)
Potent Poetry (2014)
BLUtemper EP (w/ Boy Blue) (2014)
The ILLtemper Sucks Fucking Fucks Album (2014)
The Fresh Prince of Wel​-​Fair (2014)
ILL Cosby (2014)
ILLtemper’s Holiday Suicide Party (2015)
The Fresh Prince of Wel​-​Fair Season 2 (2016)
Happily Miserable (2017)
Miserably Happy (2018)
Write Down Mixes (2018)
Christmas Free… Just Download the Fucking Thing, EP (w/ Donny G) (2018)
6 Weekz Till Friday (2019)
Scum Disease (2020)
ILLtemplar (w/ Cotardz) (2020)
Comfortably Scum Mixtape (w/ Diastro and Zak Meister) (2020)
Face Value EP (w/ Sadida) (2020)
Self Pity the Fool (w/ Edd Bundy) (2020)
Sorry I’m Manic (2021)
Kubrick Music (w/ Oz Tha Don) (2021)
FreEP (2021)
Even Heathens (w/ King Gordy) (2021)
Horrorcore Stories (w/ Even Heathens) (2021)
Vomitnos (2022)
Self Pity Party (w/ Edd Bundy) (2022)
The Violence of Giants (w/ Rated R and Gloom Rap) (2022)
Gut-Wrenching (2022)
Unpleasant Never Dies (w/ Even Heathens) (2022)
Odd Gods (w/ Even Heathens) (2022)
Granny Porn Uncensored (w/ Even Heathens) (2022)
Sickelodeon (w/ Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha) (2023)
Life Hack (w/ Beatahoe) (2023)



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