Jakprogresso (also known as Jak Tripper) has been making music for over 20 years. He came up in the New York underground rap scene, in the early 2000s, and was a staple of the johnny23 record label for many years, before his own endeavor, ‘Blak Church Records’, and a brief stint on Goretex’s label, ‘Supercoven.’

Jak has collaborated with many other underground artists. Jak battle raps frequently and also livestreams his podcast on Facebook and YouTube.


Planet Asylum 1 ā€“ Return to the Planet (w/ Awal) (1999)
The House That Jak Built (2000)
Planet Asylum 2 ā€“ Don’t Look In the Basement (w/ Awal) (2001)
Divine Art (2001)
Return To The House (2001)
Crawlspace Tapes Vol. 1 (2002)
Melodies For Children (2002)
Don’t Look In The Basement (2004)
Dump Sites: The Unfound Dead Body Tapes EP (2006)
Random Violence (2006)
Demon Rum EP (2009)
Notes From The Underground (2009)
Occult Seminar EP (2009)
Pestilence (2009)
Resin: The Lost Sessions EP (2009)
The Punchbuggy Mixtape (2009)
B23 (2010)
Kill Emotional (w/ Dislexik Mirror) (2010)
Occult Revival EP (2010)
Occult Virus EP (2010)
The Preposterous Omnipotent Noggin Basher EP (2010)
Corsican Brothers (w/ DJ Camo) (2011)
Dustwitch: The Lake Sessions EP (2011)
Go Kill Yourself Mixtape (2011)
2012 (2012)
Afterbirth Vol. 1 (2012)
Cubensis Sessions EP (2012)
Dustwitch (2012)
Heatrock Hellfire Spitter EP (2012)
I Wish I Was Normal EP (2012)
The New Acid Test EP (2012)
The Witching Hour (October Sessions) EP (2012)
Belial EP (w/ Veto Mega) (2013)
Busted Boiler EP (2013)
Dislexik Mirror II (w/ Dislexik Mirror) (2013)
Hash Oil Mixtape (2013)
Heatrock Hellfire Spitter 2 EP (2013)
Leaks From The Church EP (2013)
Mr. Marmalade’s Beatical Musica (2013)
Roger Corman EP (2013)
Supercoven Decomposition Compilation (2013)
The Punchbuggy Collection EP (2013)
Dirty Greens (w/ Cplex) (2014)
Lake House Sessions EP (2014)
Lysergia (Blotter 1) EP (2014)
Mudwork EP (2014)
The Blak Church Congregation Compilation (2014)
Underneath A Blak Church (2014)
444MX EP (2015)
Silvers EP (2015)
Hideous (2016)
Hollow Man Theories Valium 1 (2016)
Mr. Marmalade’s Meditation Guidance And Full Script (2016)
Base Camp EP (2017)
Base Camp 2 EP (2017)
Dark Energy Judo EP (2017)
Magus Grim EP (2017)
The Walking Miscarriage EP (2017)
Bad Acid EP (2018)
Black Tar Magician EP (2018)
Die Fest EP (2018)
Dreg (The Unconquerable) EP (2018)
Energy Exorcist PE (2018)
Moss EP (2018)
Psychemania EP (2018)
Son Of Pelasgus EP (2018)
Toadmilk (w/ aloeight) (2018)
Vane EP (2018)
Custom Coffins (w/ Sonny Vintage) (2019)
Earwig (w/ Twist L’s) (2019)
Earwig Origins (w/ Twist L’s) (2019)
Goats Head Broth (2019)
Goats Head Broth EP (2019)
King Mutt EP (2019)
Putnam County Tapes PE (2019)
Stimulus Dim EP (2019)
Surgeon Barber EP (2019)
Wonderworks EP (2019)



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