Dem6n6l6gy 187

Dem6n6l6gy 187

Dem6n6l6gy 187 is an emcee, producer, and engineer from Southern California. He is also known as Dr. Darkness and Robby Wadd.


Malpractice (as Dr. Darkness, w/ Surgikal Insizion) (2009)
Dead Dog Meat (2009)
You’re Dead to Me (2010)
Dead Dreams Give Birth to Nightmares (2011)
H6RR6RG6D (2013)
Unleashed: Medical Grade Remix Edition (as Dr. Darkness) (2012)
DEM6N6L6GY Is God The Mixtape Vol. 3 (2012)
You’ll Always Be Dead to Me (2014)
Blood Transfusion (as Dr. Darkness) (2014)
2005-2010 (2014)
Hospital of Horror (as Darkness RX, w/ Surgikal Insizion) (2018)
Obey the Mask (2023)

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