Insane Poetry

Insane Poetry

Insane Poetry was one of the original innovators of horrorcore (which the group called the Terrifying Style before the former term took hold), a style of hip-hop that used horror-movie imagery and heavy doses of gore to make social commentary about American society. However, while horrorcore hip-hop went out of favor in the late 1990s, it continues in this vein to the present day.

Group Members

DJ Streek
Jason Pearl/JP Tha Hustler


Armed & Dangerous (w/ His Majesti) (1988)
Grim Reality (1992)
Blacc Plague (1996)
Faith in Chaos (2003)
Fallen From Grace (2007)
Cyco the Snuff Reels (2008)
History: Rare & Unreleased (2009)
Insane Poetry Collection (w/ JP Tha Hustler) (2011)
Creative Destruction Mixtape Vol. 1 – The Prelude to Edgar Allan Holiman (2012)
Random Acts of Violence (w/ M.M.M.F.D.) (2013)
The Best Of: 20 Years of Madness (2013)
Killaborations (2014)
Violent Art EP (2016)
Unsubs (w/ M.M.M.F.D.) (2016)
Snuff Reels Director’s Cut: The Birth of Richard Hansen (2017)
Butcher Brothaz (w/ M.M.M.F.D.) (2018)
Team Guillotine (w/ JP Tha Hustler) (2018)
The Nomadz (w/ The Nomadz) (2018)
Deadly Drug (w/ M.M.M.F.D.) (2020)
Wicked Killigraphy (2021)
Faith in Chaos (Book of Revelations) Remastered (2021)
Violent Art (2022)
Deadly Drug 2: Ovadoze (w/ M.M.M.F.D.) (2023)

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