Illnickell Lyrikal Chef


Illnickell, aka Dr. Cervix, is an emcee from Albuquerque, NM.  He is a former member of the Slaughtercore Entertainment roster and owner of Ill Format Records.


Malpractice (as Dr. Cervix, w/ Surgikal Insizion) (2009)
D’s and C’s (w/ Duke City Death Camp) (2011)
Celebration of the Dead (2012)
Make an Appointment (as Dr. Cervix) (2012)
Be My Bloody Valentine (2013)
Illnickell and Deranged (w/ Deranged) (2015)
Lyrikal Chef’s Mixtape Volume 1 (2015)
Unleash the Demon (2015)
Symphony of Slaughter (2016)
Surgikal Procedures (as Dr. Cervix) (2016)
Hospital of Horror (as Dr. Cervix, w/ Surgikal Insizion) (2018)
Halloween Slaughter (2019)
The Sorcerers Book: Chapter One (2022)

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