Born in NY and raised between the suburbs of Chicago and deep south Texas, GuttaPriest, fka Hollow, began his music career in 2010 under the name Chronic Doom. Originally his music would only border the horrorcore style, while his newer music has embraced the culture fully. In his early music career, Hollow released nine full-length albums and countless singles, but under his new moniker, his discography is ever-growing.

Coming from a troubled past, GuttaPriest has overcome trials and tribulations while maintaining an exceptional intellect, vocabulary, and ability to tell stories. Living in South Texas, he has become a black sheep of sorts and almost an anti-hero; Many know of him, but few know anything about him.

Donning his signature masks, he has performed a multitude of times across the entire region and plans on doing many more performances across the country.


Diary of an Insomniac (2020)
9 Circles (2021)
Kold Cutz Vol.1 (2022)
Hollow’s Eve (2022)

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