Hailing from Anderson IN, Grimsin has been in the game for almost two decades, co-founding the group TDKC (The Dead Klown Children) in 2002. He started doing solo projects in 2003 with a four track EP entitled “Neva Goin Back.”

Throughout the years, he spent most of his time collaborating with a bunch of artists from central Indiana and being signed under multiple labels, until 2009 when TDKC was reformed with a new label and new members. Stemming from that came The Yes Men and Psycho Academy in early 2010.

In 2012, Grimsin took a sabbatical that lasted until 2018 when The Yes Men re-emerged. He is currently working on a new album, which is slated for 2020.


Neva Goin Back EP (2003)
Heaven Sent Hell Bound EP (2004)
Portrait of A Young Suicide EP (w/ MKSK) (2008)
Murder 4 Hire EP (w/ The Dead Klown Children) (2009)
Grim Reality EP (2009)
Sin Sellz EP (2009)
Drop Dead Handsome EP (2010)
2 Grown 2 Play Games LP (w/ The Dead Klown Children) (2010)
The End LP (2010)
March Madness EP (w/ The Yes Men) (2011)
The Autopsy Report (Jacked Beats, B-Sides & Other Shxt That Never Made The Cut) (2011)
Voodoo’s Ritual (2011)

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