Mitch Manzanilla, better known by his stage names Goretex, Gore Elohim, and Lord Goat, is a rapper from Long Beach, New York, who, along with fellow Non Phixion member Ill Bill, is credited with pioneering the underground NY Hip Hop scene.

Rapping since the late 80s, he joined the group Non Phixion in the early 1990s, staying with the group until they disbanded in 2004. After, he released two full-length albums, several mix tapes, and has collaborated with musicians from all over the world.


The Past, The Present, The Future is Now Mixtape (w/ Non Phixion) (2000)
The Future is Now (w/ Non Phixion) (2002)
The Green CD (w/ Non Phixion) (2004)
The Art of Dying (2004)
Circle of Tyrants (w/ Circle of Tyrants) (2005)
Kings Plaza Demo (2007)
Coffin Syrup Mixtape (2011)
Electric Lucifer (2013)
Coffin Syrup (2020)

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