El Maroon

El Maroon

El Maroon, aka Abu Muhad Maroko, born Marek Teplý, is a Czech rapper from Třebíč.

He is one third of the group Masový Wrazi, alongside Curwa and DJ Doyem.


Utři si hovno sksichtu (Wipe the Shit From the Skies) (w/ Masovy Wrazi) (2006)
Requiem za smrt (Requiem for Death) (w/ Masovy Wrazi) (2008)
Brutální realizmus (Brutal Realism) (w/ Masovy Wrazi) (2010)
Masokombynath (w/ Masovy Wrazi) (2010)
Svět plnej lží (World Full of Lies) (w/ Masovy Wrazi) (2013)
Doktor Smrt (2014)

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