DRACO has been writing poetry since he was around 7. Originally wanting to be in a punk rock band when he was a teenager, (That dream came true later in life as a studio band project with Steve Sxaks & Ethan Mintz Of Marsten House Recordings Called Damn Dirty Commies) but it translated into rap when he was about 18. Without any professional studio equipment at first. But that didn’t matter, his need to be heard endured.

He went by many different names before landing on DRACO, Including: The Unabomber, Draco The Unabomber and probably like 10 other ones he forgot about, (or tries to forget about)

His main influences are The Golden Age of Philly Punk Rock Scene (Early 2000’s), As well as Anti-Fascist Activists (Pre-Antifa groups such as the Redskins and Northeast Anti Fascists East Coast Branch) And of course local Horrorcore and Hip Hop Artists, As well as Gothic and Industrial acts and most recently Witch House music. Also his struggles with mental illness and a drifting outsider perspective definitely played a big role in the darker nature of his work.

With over a decade in the music industry whether it’s performing music, radio DJing for several horrorcore/underground rap radio stations (WICKED INTENT RADIO, TKSRADIO, CURRENTLY: UTMRADIO), or writing articles for several media outlets, DRACO has paid his dues to the horrorcore scene in full.


Oi Vey (w/ Damn Dirty Commies) (2016)
Waterproof (2019)



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