Long time New Mexico staple to not only horrorcore, but rap in general, Dmize has been one of the most consistent artists from the state, even with a six year no album dropping hiatus.

Dmize eats, breathes, and sleeps for his state.


Sediztik Jezterz (w/ Sediztik Jezterz)
Kryptik Chyldrin (w/ Sediztik Jezterz)
Morbid Elements (w/ Morbid Elements)
Knight of the Dead
Nature’s Fury (w/ Morbid Elements)
Trick or Treat EP
IFR Presents The Seance
Malpractice (w/ Surgikal Insizion) (2009)
IFR Presents Celebration of the Dead (2010)
Blood and Guts (2012)
The Revolutionist (2014)
Hecho en Nuevo Mejico

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