Dieabolik The Monster

Dieabolik The Monster

Dieabolik the Monster is an emcee from Portsmouth, OH. He has been a part of Lyrikal Snuff Productionz and is currently signed to Shrunken Head Entertainment.


Gator Boy (2013)
Monster Mix One (2014)
Hypnosis (w/ Dead Daze) (2014)
There Will Be Blood (2015)
DieboliK the Monster (2016)
Monster Mix, Vol. 2 (2016)
Music to Die To (w/ SickGang) (2016)
Gasoline (2019)
Contamination (w/ SickGang) (2020)
Die to This Music (w/ SickGang) (2020)
Ashes (2020)
Underlords (w/ Ritual of Ether) (2021)
The Grinch (2022)



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