Dieabolik The Monster

Dieabolik The Monster

Dieabolik the Monster is an emcee from Portsmouth, OH. He has been a part of Lyrikal Snuff Productionz and is currently signed to Shrunken Head Entertainment.


The Oddball (2011)
The Resolution (2012)
Portsmouth Stand Up! (2012)
Gator Boy (2013)
Monster Mix One (2014)
Hypnosis (w/ Dead Daze) (2014)
There Will Be Blood (2015)
The Mind of Madness (2015)
DieboliK the Monster (2016)
Monster Mix, Vol. 2 (2016)
Music to Die To (w/ SickGang) (2016)
Gasoline (2019)
Contamination (w/ SickGang) (2020)
Die to This Music (w/ SickGang) (2020)
Ashes (2020)
Underlords (w/ Ritual of Ether) (2021)
The Grinch (2022)
Monster (2023)

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