Damien Quinn

Damien Quinn

Damien Quinn is an M.C. that loves dabs but has no communication skills and is just plain out awkward as f*ck!! He digs Horror Movies and Horror-Themed Comic Books, BUT KNOWS HOW TO PARTY!! He is one-half and one-third of The Horrorcore Cult Shit Super Groups known as “Dark Half” and “Cult Activity”!! He plans on having a smoke-off with Snoop Dogg in the year 2037!!


Bodies in my Basement (12 Demo Tracks to Stab Ya Parents To) (2006)
The Dark Half EP (w/ Dark Half) (2008)
Chapterz (w/ Dark Half) (2010)
Graveyard Bluez (w/ Dark Half) (2012)
The Hemingway Solution Mixtape (w/ Dark Half and Dope Fiend) (2013)
The Real American Horror Story: Rare And Unheard Vol. 1 (w/ Dark Half) (2014)
A Cult Shit Christmas Vol. 1 (w/ Dark Half) (2014)
Three on a Meathook (2015)
A Cult Shit Christmas Vol. 2 (w/ Dark Half) (2015)
Eat Cheese and Barf! (2016)
A Cult Shit Christmas Vol. 3 (w/ Dark Half) (2016)
Eyez Without A Face (The Mixxtape Vol. 1) (2017)
Voodoo Dolls and Dabs (w/ Razakel) (2017)
I’d Hang Out In My Garage But My Mom’s A Hoarder (2017)
A Cult Shit Christmas Vol. 4 (w/ Dark Half) (2017)
Eyez Without a Face (The Album) (w/ Stir Crazy) (2018)
I Should’ve Been Aborted (2018)
Disorder (2019)
Population 909 (w/ Cult Activity) (2019)
A Cult Shit Christmas Vol. 5 & 6 (w/ Dark Half) (2019)
I Love Kenosha But Fuck This City (2020)
Chapterz: The Lost Pages of Eibon (Rare Sessions from the Witchez Den) (10th Anniversary Edition) (w/ Dark Half) (2020)
A Cult Shit Christmas Vol. 7 (w/ Dark Half) (2020)



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