Damien Quinn

Damien Quinn

Damien Quinn, formerly known as Insane D, is an emcee from Wisconsin. He digs horror movies and horror-themed comic books.

Damien Quinn is one half and one third of horrorcore groups Dark Half and Cult Activity, respectively.


Bodies in my Basement (12 Demo Tracks to Stab Ya Parents To) (2006)
The Dark Half EP (w/ Dark Half) (2008)
Chapterz (w/ Dark Half) (2010)
Graveyard Bluez (w/ Dark Half) (2012)
The Hemingway Solution Mixtape (w/ Dark Half and Dope Fiend) (2013)
The Real American Horror Story: Rare And Unheard Vol. 1 (w/ Dark Half) (2014)
A Cult Shit Christmas Vol. 1 (w/ Dark Half) (2014)
Three on a Meathook (2015)
A Cult Shit Christmas Vol. 2 (w/ Dark Half) (2015)
Eat Cheese and Barf! (2016)
A Cult Shit Christmas Vol. 3 (w/ Dark Half) (2016)
Eyez Without A Face (The Mixxtape Vol. 1) (2017)
Voodoo Dolls and Dabs (w/ Razakel) (2017)
I’d Hang Out In My Garage But My Mom’s A Hoarder (2017)
A Cult Shit Christmas Vol. 4 (w/ Dark Half) (2017)
Eyez Without a Face (The Album) (w/ Stir Crazy) (2018)
I Should’ve Been Aborted (2018)
Disorder (2019)
Population 909 (w/ Cult Activity) (2019)
A Cult Shit Christmas Vol. 5 & 6 (w/ Dark Half) (2019)
I Love Kenosha But Fuck This City (2020)
Chapterz: The Lost Pages of Eibon (Rare Sessions from the Witchez Den) (10th Anniversary Edition) (w/ Dark Half) (2020)
A Cult Shit Christmas Vol. 7 (w/ Dark Half) (2020)
The Great Red Dragon (2021)
Francis Dolarhyde is Dead EP (2021)

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