R.A.P.E. (1998)
Carnage (1999)
Perception of Life (1999)
Disasterpiece (2000)
Rhyme Broker (2001)
Death of the Rhyme Broker (2001)
Army of Darkness EP (2002)
Trip to This (2003)
Johnny Funbags (2003)
The Cutting Room Floor (2004)
The Getaway (2004)
Drunk Truckers Vol. 1 (2005)
Drunk Truckers Vol. 2 (2005)
Chaser EP (2005)
Manwich (2005)
Ripe for the Devil (w/ J RZ) (2008)
Tandem Tyrants (w/ VG Skillz) (2009)
Burp It Up (as Burp Reynolds) (2009)
Castrovania Prologue (2013)



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