Cap One

Cap One

Cap One is an emcee from Michigan. He is one of the founding members of the iconic horrorcore group Simken Heights.


Ashtray Junkees (w/ Simken Heights) (1993)
Smoke Box (w/ Simken Heights) (1995)
Red Rum and Coke (w/ Simken Heights) (1995)
Holywater (1996)
Religion of the Beast (w/ Simken Heights) (1996)
A New Beginning (w/ Simken Heights) (2000)
Parafanalia (2001)
Holy Water (Re-release) (2003)
Swisha Sweets (2005)
Eternal Flame (w/ Simken Heights) (2005)
Amerika’s Nightmare (2007)
Jack or Die (w/ Simken Heights) (2007)
Folktales (2008)
Money Mack & Murder (2009)
Se7en (2009)
Cap-City (2010)
Traplife (2010)

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