8corpses started out in the industry editing music videos for other rappers, but quickly discovered a desire to actually make his own music. Fast forward to today and he has developed a unique style, sound, and view on the world.

Having come from a very tough childhood and upbringing, he still struggles with mental illness to this day. He discusses his afflictions openly in his lyrics. He’s not afraid to dig into how his current situation and past affects his life. Originally known for his phonk and dark trap style, 8corpses started to branch out into the boom bap genre in late 2020 with his songs Stoned and Diablo.

8corpses has defined himself as an artist that incorporates wordplay, extensive vocabulary, catchy instrumentals and lessons throughout his discography.


The Gospel of Corpses (2020)
MADNESS (2021)
Out of Order (2022)
Refugee of Self (2023)


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