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Death Rap

by Necro

Death Rap

2007 37 Minutes


  1. Creepy Crawl
  2. No Remorse
  3. Some Get Back (Revenge)
  4. Belligerent Gangsters (feat. Harley Flanagan)
  5. Suffocated to Death by God's Shadow (feat. Mike Smith, Steve DiGiorgio, Mark Morton and Brian Fair)
  6. Mutilate the Beat
  7. Keep on Driving
  8. Technician of Execution
  9. Keeping it Real (feat. Adam Jackson)
  10. Exploitation" (feat. Mr. Hyde)
  11. As Deadly as Can Be (feat. Ill Bill)
  12. Evil Rules (feat. Scott Ian, Dave Ellefson and Ray Alder)
  13. Forensic Pathology
  14. Portrait of a Death Rapper