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A Mind of Evilness

by Chuckklez

A Mind of Evilness cover

2018 1 Hour, 20 Minutes

  1. Intro
  2. Cursed Since Birth
  3. No Living and No Escaping
  4. The Story of a Lunatic
  5. Murder is the Answer (feat. Claas)
  6. Gore Hounds (feat. Dan F)
  7. Silent Screams
  8. Tales From the Damned (feat. Sa1Ne & Legacey)
  9. I Wanna Watch You Die!
  10. Crunked Up and Fucked Up (feat. Bloodshot)
  11. Satan
  12. Put a Bullet in my Head
  13. Blood Bath & Beyond (feat. RazoR)
  14. Devoured
  15. Dead by Dawn (feat. Don Orias)
  16. A Perfect Slaughter (feat. M.M.M.F.D.)
  17. Grotesque Content (Cuts by DJ TMB)
  18. Plague of Sadness
  19. Murder in My Dreams
  20. Blacking Out (feat. ALE)
  21. Written by the Sick
  22. You Need Me (feat. Kaotic Klique)