The self-proclaimed King of Dark Rap, Ztarve is an emcee from Denver, Colorado. His music from 2018 and before combines dark, eerie boom-bap and hip hop with hints of dark trap sprinkled throughout. However, his music after 2018 focuses more on the dark trap aspect with the occasional boom-bap. He raps over these dark beats about life, his encounters with the paranormal, hints of murder, aliens, ghosts, and basically anything weird or creepy. He does so with a very unique flow that has a hint of comedy. He also does this without getting too aggressive about the murder details, as some horrorcore artists do.


Kill Yourself (2014)
Bad Energy (2014)
Puppet Strings (2015)
The Ancer (2016)
Other World (2017)
Gangg R (w/ Uutherside) (2017)
Thomas (w/ Uutherside) (2017)
Gangg R2 (w/ Uutherside) (2017)
DreamEater (w/ Uutherside) (2017)
Upper (2018)
Chip Hazzard (w/ Uutherside) (2018)
Bloody Nose (w/ Uutherside) (2018)
Space Cityy (2020)
Space Cityy 2 (2021)
Requiem (w/ DramaTone) (2022)
Burning Cold (2023)
HomeSick (w/ Uutherside) (2023)
The Nephilim Looked Like Clowns (2024)

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