Witchouse 40k

Witchouse 40k

Witchouse 40k is a trap metal artist who operates out of Portland, Oregon. He is known for his dark and intense music that often has some underlying horror themes. He released his first project “Warhammer” in 2018, named after the Warhammer 40k universe, from which he got the 40k in his name.

He would release a number of singles in between Warhammer and his next project, “40 Years of Rain” in January 2020. That year saw the release two more mixtapes, “BAD Strains Mixtape” in April and “Blood Bender Mixtape” in September. In 2021, he released two standout singles with the SPIDERBLOOD tracks, “SPIDERBLOOD” and “SPIDERBLOOD 2: ROTTEN.”


Warhammer (2018)
Ant!virxs (2018)
Killradical (2019)
40 Years of Rain (2020)
BAD Strains Mixtape (2020)
Blood Bender Mixtape (2020)

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