William H Morbid

William H Morbid

Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, William H Morbid has been making music solo since 2008. Going by many names — “Mr. Morbid,” “Billy Bones,” “LordWilliamHMorbid” — he is a bit of an enigma and a shut in.

Under the label “Morbid House,” formally Black Bull Productions, an underground independent label under the LLC of Morbid Magic, William H Morbid makes music about the torture and destruction of rapists pedophiles and people who troll and harass others out of pure ignorance. He does not sell his music but offers it for free blood, streaming on many platforms.


The Mind of a Depressed Man (2008)
Rage Issues (2010)
Fire @ Will (2012)
Sick Justice (2014)
The Rebirth LP (2015)
Demons (2016)
When the Butterfly Dies (2020)
The Endless Nightmare EP (2021)
We Exist (2021)
Hex Work (2021)
The Grey Path (2021)
The 13th Circle (2021)



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