Formerly known as ‘Vomit And The Pukesters’ 2004-2005, Vomicon has had a revolving line-up since the album ‘ReBirth.’

The group began as a joke when the anonymous musicians behind the project were children. Heavily influenced by Shock Rock and Horrorcore in lyrical content, and musically rooted in Hip-Hop and Techno. The groups presentation includes both a Costumed and Cartoon appearance. Vomicon is most notable for its Vocal style which incorporates and emulates Computer Text to Speech to achieve tone deaf, apathetic and remorseless robotic voices, which contrast with the overtly violent and offensive lyrics. The original project lasted from 2004-2008. The band was reformed with a more serious approach in 2020, releasing a full length album entitled ‘Cancel Culture’ in June 2023

Group Members

Jonny Vomit
Mix Master McWizard
Pyzzah Schyt
Big Bimmy
Lil Bim


This Is One Big Pile O’ Shit (as Vomit and The Pukesters) (2004)
Auditorium Vomitorium (as Vomit and The Pukesters) (2005)
ReBirth (2006)
Apotheosis (2007)
Eat, Die and Shit! (2008)
Cancels Culture (2023)
Pink Freshness (2023)

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