Void Productionz

Void Productionz

Void Productionz was a group of artists from Green Bay, WI, ranging from production, rapping, singing, and sound engineering. They were heavily associated with Wicked Wisconsin and the Cult Shit movement.

Void Productionz has produced many tracks and collaborated with Bloody Ruckus, Geno Cultshit, and many more.

Some notable credits include:
Geno Cultshit – Welcome to Hell
Geno Cultshit x Bloody Ruckus – Merry Cult Shit Christmas
Void ft. Geno Cultshit – Legendz of Awesomeness
Bloody Ruckus – Dark n Cold and many of his classics
Wicked Blue x Bloody Ruckus – The Planned Parenthood Soundtrack

Group Members

Void aka Void Droid the Legend of Awesomeness
Axe Bleed
Bloody Ruckus
Dirty D
Green Bay Soljas
Joe Angus
Malt Liquor Twinz
Shadow Warriors
Slaughter Dolls

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