Trip B

Trip B.

Trip B is an emcee from California. His music centers on themes of horror, injustice, love and nostalgia, with 90s Hip-Hop and Metal influence.

He’s headlined at the Back Bar Sofa Lounge in San Jose for Trip B’s Howlin’ Good Blood Moon. He’s opened for Lil Wyte, Lex The Hex Master, and more. In 2016, he dropped his first music video for the song ‘Yo, Trip!’ and another for ‘Spinnin’ the following year.


Trip B. (2016)
Adrenaline (2016)
Mental Streams (2017)
Trip B Zone (2017)
Keep it Creepy (2018)
Halloween AF (2019)
American Horror Storyteller (2019)
The Demon Rapper of Creep Street (2020)
Music to Cut a Pumpkin By (2020)
Creepmeister (2020)

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