Devil’s Workshop (w/ Hydra Mane) (2015)
Devilish Trio (w/ Devilish Trio) (2016)
The Collection (w/ Devilish Trio) (2017)
Volume II (w/ Devilish Trio) (2017)
Collection II (w/ Devilish Trio) (2018)
Past Junts (w/ Devilish Trio) (2018)
Volume III (w/ Devilish Trio) (2018)
D3 (w/ Devilish Trio) (2019)
Beat Down, Pt.2 (2020)
Moonlit Summer (w/ Shinigami Tenshi) (2021)
Southern Bred (w/ Slyye) (2021)
The Grow House (w/ DJ Fat Junt) (2021)
Mischief Music (2021)
Somewhere South of Hell (w/ Hydra) (2022)
Something to Bump (w/ Hydra) (2023)
Roll the Dice (w/ Cloudymane) (2023)
Weed Paralysis (w/ SLVG) (2023)
Devil’s Harvest (w/ Guggigarette) (2023)
Death Threat (w/ DJ Playstation) (2023)
Another Disaster (w/ Hydra and DJ Fat Junt) (2023)

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