Swag Toof

Swag Toof

Originally a duo, SWAG TOOF consisted of Kansas to Harlem transplant rapper-producer Choirboy Dank and New Jersey-based rapper Left Ginsberg, who left the group in June of 2017, citing his desire to work on other projects.

SWAG TOOF has become known for an original brand of rap music that blends humor, anarchistic political awareness, and white-boy hood tales over trunk slapping production.

Group Members

Dank Sinatra/Choirboy
Left Ginsberg/Ouija Macc


Earwigs (2012)
Harlem’s Adopted Children (Side: A) (2014)
Harlem’s Adopted Children (Side: B) (2014)
Harlem’s Adopted Children (Side: X) (w/ GXLDSLVGS) (2014)
Toofgang & Palz (2014)
Evans Gate (2014)
Foe (2015)
Foe Deux (2015)
Toofgang & Palz 2 – Still Palz (2015)
Foe Tre (2016)
Rainbrella (2016)
Foe Foe (2016)
Dead York (2017)
Kintsugi (w/ EJ Prophet and $aebaH) (2019)

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