Stir Crazy

Stir Crazy

Not much is known about this mysterious music producer from Detroit, MI, other than the fact that he has worked with some of the biggest names in the wicked underground and has solidified himself as one of the top producers the genre has ever seen.


The Ascending (w/ Death B4 Dishonor) (2008)
HEROES (w/ T.O.N.E-z) (2009)
Dismembered In December (w/ Ikkurruz) (2009)
InSTIRmentals (2010)
Penny Dreadfuls (w/ Dood Computer) (2010)
Stirred and Mixed, Flipped and Fixed (w/ Mr. Chief) (2010)
Only the Dead Survive (w/ Corpse Circus) (2015)
Underground Hustlin’ – 65 The Platnum Experience (2018)
Underground Hustlin’ – 66 Cassette Tape Edition” (2018)
Eyez Without A Face (The Album) (w/ Damien Quinn) (2018)
Apartment 306 (w/ Intrinzik) (2019)
Stir Crazy LP (Jynx INC) (2020)
I.C.Pearl Jam (2024)
Back 2 The 90’s (2024)
I.C.Pumpkins (2024)
Twiztid – Back to the 90s (2024)
Twiztid – Back to the 90s (Volume 2) (2024)
Alice Insane (2024)

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