Spacey Jones

Spacey Jones

Best described as a hippie MC, coming from the green state of VT. Meet Spacey Jones. His love of 90s hip hop is the main influence of his style. What’s his style, you ask? Conscious but with a sense of humor. So while you may hear him rhyming about serious political issues, don’t make the mistake of taking him too seriously. He doesn’t even do that. He has been caught referencing cartoons on a verse or two. And the best part, he performs in shows where ticket sales are often donated to local charities and/or non-profit organizations.


Better Late Than Never (as Ciurleo) (2018)
4 Summer (as Ciurleo) (2019)
Hunting Season (as Ciurleo) (2019)
Day Walkin’ (2020)
No Announcements (2020)
Feels So Good EP (2021)
Black Magic & Trap Houses (w/ The 6ix) (2023)
Amplified Substance (2023)

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