Some believe when you die, you see the light at the end of a tunnel; this is one light the likes of Serial Killin Records, SickTanicK Tha Souless has never and will never see even at the moment of death…

Bringing A unique mixture of Rap, Industrial, Metal, and Occult Symbolism Colorado based artist SickTanicK has been a pioneer and innovator in underground music since 2005.


Premanitions of the Apocolypse (w/ Wartorn) (2004)
Premanitions (2005)
Unholy Ressurrection (w/ 4 Horsemen) (2006)
Chapter One: Doctrines of tha Damned (2007)
The Lament Configuration (2008)
Matthew 12:31 (w/ Team Death) (2008)
Unholy Noel (w/ Team Death) (2008)
Valentines Day Massacre EP (w/ Razakel) (2009)
Chapter One: Doctrines of tha Damned Part Two (2009)
Chapter 2: In Nomine SickTanicK (2010)
Not Like You (w/ Team Death) (2011)
From the Vault: Rare and Unreleased (2011)
Chapter 3: Awake – The Ministry of Hate (2012)
Duplexity (2013)
Prometheus (2013)
Oculus Omnia (2017)
From the Vault: Rare and Unreleased Vol. 2 (2021)

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