ShockSumOne is an American hip hop artist from Indianapolis, Indiana. Shock is known for his versatile styles, experimental projects, radical lyrical content, fast and articulate delivery, charismatic stage show, and controversial material. This is why he is ShockSumOne, because his lyricism is guaranteed to shock some one in the room listening to his music or witnessing his performance.


Forgotten Realms (w/ UndaGround Killaz) (2004)
Pumpkin Patch (w/ UndaGround Killaz) (2005)
Swing Low (2005)
Spaced Out (2006)
Thee After Shock Pt. 1 The Chair (2006)
ShockSumOne (2007)
Thee After Shock Part 2: The Storm (2008)
The Catacombs (w/ UndaGround Killaz) (2009)
Infiniti (2009)
High Definition (2011)
One Better (2012)
Mr. Negativity (2012)
Thee Untold Tales of America’s Most Slept On (2013)
Family, God& Country (2014)
Grime&Gloss (2015)
Shock&Awe (2015)
Brutal Honesty (as CLAim) (2015)
The United Caves of Barbarica (2016)
Perception (2019)
On This Hill (2021)

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