Marius Lucas Antonio Listhrop (born 19 June 1994), better known as Scarlxrd (pronounced “Scarlord”), is a British rapper, singer, songwriter, and YouTuber. He is known for his unusual musical style combining elements of trap music and heavy metal. Formerly a YouTube personality known as Mazzi Maz, Scarlxrd began a career in music as the lead vocalist for nu metal band Myth City, before debuting as a rapper under his Scarlxrd moniker.

He rose to prominence after the music video for his single “Heart Attack” gained significant attention, holding over 70 million views on YouTube as of December 2019. He has since released other successful songs, namely “King, Scar”, “6 Feet”, “Berzerk”, and “Head Gxne”.


Myth City (w/ Myth City) (2015)
スカー藩主 (2016)
Rxse (2016)
Annx Dxmini (2016)
Chaxsthexry (2017)
Cabin Fever (2017)
Lxrdszn (2017)
DXXM (2018)
0000.Infinity (2019)
Immxrtalisatixn (2019)
Acquired Taste Vxl 1 (2019)
Thrxwaways As Prxmised (2019)
Scarhxurs (2020)
FantasyVxid; Intrx (2020)
FantasyVxid; Spring (2020)
FantasyVxid; Autumn (2020)
FantasyVxid; Winter (2020)
FantasyVxid; Summer (2020)
Fantasy Vxid (2020)
Dxxm II (2021)
Practice (as TAKA LXRD) (2021)
DeadRising (2021)
LXRDMAGE (w/ Ghostemane) (2021)
Atv2.Act I.Genesis. (2022)
Atv2.Act II.Severance. (2022)
Atv2.Act III.Cxnflict. (2022)
Atv2.Act IV:Prxmise. (2022)
Acquired Taste: Vxl. 2 (2022)
Lxlwut? (2022)
PSYCHX (w/ Kordhell) (2022)
Feek Wxrthless? (2023)
Made in Hell (2023)

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