Ruthless Rob

Ruthless Rob

From the slums of the poverty stricken city of Baltimore, Maryland emerges Ruthless Rob! Step into his mind as he takes you on a journey through the cold dark streets he calls home.

Ruthless Rob is also one half of the horrorcore duo Isolated Beingz.


Blood On My Hands LP (2006)
The Aftermath Of The Unchosen Path (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2007)
Wicked Warefare EP (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2007)
Body Bag Krew EP (w/ Body Bag Krew) (2008)
City Trash LP (2009)
Sex, Drugz & Wicked Shit (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2010)
Baltimore Beatdown Mixtape (2011)
Wicked Revival LP (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2012)
Nevermore LP (2012)
Elm Street Project (w/ Elm Street Project) (2014)
Trioxin LP (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2016)
Cursed Since Birth LP (2018)
Tales From the Crypt Mixtape (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2018)
Prophetz of Evil (w/ Prophetz of Evil) (2018)
Last House by the Cemetery (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2019)
Damned (2020)
Baltimore Butcher Mixtape (2020)
Neverending Evil (w/ SixtySix Killz) (2021)
Grave in the Bay (w/ Prophetz of Evil) (2021)
Dead Inside (2022)
Psycho Cinema (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2022)
Maggot Mouth (2023)
The Ledford Tape (w/ Isolated Beingz) (2024)

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