In a normally male dominated genre there are few females with the capability and skill sets to shine through and “break” the proverbial “mold” like Razakel. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Razakel has been bringing a unique blend of Horror infused lyrics on “Pop” style beats, she not only breaks the mold, but shatters it.


Murder Potion (2007)
Madness & Despair (2008)
Matthew 12:31 (w/ Team Death) (2008)
Unholy Noel (w/ Team Death) (2008)
The Bitch Chronicles (2009)
Femicide (2009)
Valentines Day Massacre EP (w/ SickTanicK) (2009)
Femicide: Re-up (2009)
Night of the Living Dead Girlz (w/ Dead Girlz) (2010)
Not Like You (w/ Team Death) (2011)
Murder Potion Re-mastered (2013)Paradox of a Woman (2013)
From the Vault (2014)
Death Becomes Her Death Becomes Me (2015)
The Night She Came Home (2015)
Voodoo Dolls and Dabs (w/ Damien Quinn) (2017)
Gores Truly (2018)
Gores Truly Extendo (2018)
The Sisterhood of Wretched Decay (w/ Jenocia X) (2018)
Perfectly Disgusting (2018)
Muerte Tan Dulce (2019)
Sheville (w/ The Slice Girls) (2019)
Serpentines (w/ Serpentines) (2020)
Even in Death (2020)
Sliceylvania (w/ The Slice Girls) (2021)
Adventures in Thizzneyland (w/ Serpentines) (2022)
From The Vault Vol. 2 (2022)
Sisterhood of the Night (w/ The Slice Girls) (2023)

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