Randum45 is an artist from Seattle Washington with distinct and independent existence. He is currently one half of the group The Unforgiven, and has been a part of two former groups, Rezen and Insanicide.

Randum45 has 10 studio albums and has done shows with artists like Stevie Stone, Twisted Insane, Young Wicked, Lyte, DJ clay, Scum, Dirtball, Ouija Macc, Boondox, Twiztid, Hed PE, Rehab, Crazy Town, Kottonmouth Kings, Shaggy 2 Dope, and ABK just to name a few.

To find out more about RANDUM follow @RANDUM45.


Kahoz (2011)
Randumeyezed (2014)
Randumzworld (2015)
R45DM51 (w/ Insanicide) (2015)
Fading Embers (w/ ReZen) (2015)
Dark Days (w/ Insanicide) (2016)
Seven (2016)
LitFire (2016)
BlackMatter (2016)
Civil Heat (2019)
Heavensent (2019)
Tha Randum Evil Work Shop (2019)
ENIGMA (2020)
33 (w/ The Unforgiven) (2021)

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