Professor Fresh

Professor Fresh

Professor Fresh is an emcee and producer from Mankatao, MN. He was a member of the group Ruthless, alongside M.C. Rentz, JustSmoke, and Phatty McGee, as well as hip hop duos Lost Dog and Shotgun.


Totally Fucked Up Boogie Woogie Muzak (w/ Sychosynthetik)
3 Past 4:20 (w/ Sychosynthetik)
Deliciously Vicious (w/ Ruthless) (2005)
Strawberry (w/ Ruthless) (2006)
Shaken Not Stirred (2006)
The Fresh Files (2008)
From MN, W/ Love (2010)
Great Made Stupid (Remixes) (2012)
Zero Count (w/ Lost Dog) (2017)
The GLD JKT EP (2018)
Episode 1: ’73 Gran Torino (w/ Shotgun) (2019)
Blue Plaid (2019)
Brown Plaid (2021)

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