Nastie Ink

Nastie Ink

Nastie Ink is an emcee from Indianapolis, IN. He is one half of the group Hellfire.

Nastie Ink has been part of the Urban Myth Records family and now represents Rehab Musik.


Lyrical Warfare (2015)
Lyrical Warfare II (2016)
The All Seeing (2016)
The Deep (2018)
Nastie Bash IV (The Compilation) (2019)
Eternal Fire (w/ Hellfire) (2019)
The Gangar EP (2019)
The Akatsuki (2020)
The Battousai (2020)
Broken Mirrors (2020)
Bloodsport (w/ Hellfire) (2021)
Seppuku (2021)
nui·sance n(y)oosens (2022)
Tenebris Amplexus (w/ The Dark Embrace) (2023)

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