Mr. Grey

Mr. Grey

Mr. Grey is an emcee and engineer from San Jose, CA, who is best known for his work in the group The Damn Dirty Apes/Gorilla Voltage and for being signed to Twiztid’s Majik Ninja Entertainment at one time.

In addition to his group projects, he has released a number of solo albums including Remain Raw and Lost Soul.


Lost Soul (2012)
Remain Raw (2014)
The Damn Dirty Apes (w/ The Damn Dirty Apes) (2015)
Ground Zero (w/ Devastator) (2016)
Ape-X (w/ Gorilla Voltage) (2017)
Gorilla Voltage (w/ Gorilla Voltage) (2017)
Gorilla Voltage Presents The Damn Dirty Apes (w/ Gorilla Voltage) (2018)
The Lost Tapes (w/ Gorilla Voltage) (2018)
GV (w/ Gorilla Voltage) (2018)
Gods & Claws (w/ Gorilla Voltage) (2019)
Vicious Vendetta (2020)
Righteous Devil (2020)
The Watchers (w/ Cabal) (2021)
Operation Delirium (2022)
Berzerkers (w/ Bukshot) (2022)
The Pit (w/ Cabal) (2023)
Symphony of Despair (w/ Cabal) (2023)

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