MC Frank Hatchett

MC Frank Hatchett

Frank Hatchett is a Horror based SeweRap Artist from Vestal Tennessee, United States. CEO of Shrunken Head Records and Realm of Terror Comics. Influences include: Satan, Voodoo, Goregrind, Hellraiser, Mortal Kombat, Black Magick, Witchcraft, Samhain, Evil Dead, and the Necronomicon. Raps in: Hell’z Labyrinth with Infamous M of Wayman Brothers Entertainment, Sewer Dwellaz with Roadkill, Memoirs of a Demigod with Brian Devil, and The Grim Brothers with iGod.


HellRazor of Hip-Hop (2015)
Sacred Art of Death -EP (2016)
Tha Ripper (as Morbid Whiszper) (2016)
HellRazor Revisited (2017)
Mort Flesh (2018)

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