Malaria was a rapper from NJ.  He was an integral part of both 7th Seal Entertainment and the Mission: Infect movement and aside from his various solo albums released between 2007 and 2013, he can be heard on BunnyJunk songs under the alias Doc Sipps.


Mass Infection (w/ Mission:Infect) (2007)
Back From the Dead (2007)
Pawz Up (w/ BunnyJunk) (2007)
Suicide Bombs (w/ Mission:Infect) (2008)
The Vault (2008)
Grave Digger (2008)
Annihiliation: The Mixtape (w/ Mission:Infect) (2009)
Asphyxiation (w/ Mission:Infect) (2009)
The Outbreak Mixtape (w/ Mission Infect) (2009)
As I Am (2011)
The Final Pawprint (w/ BunnyJunk) (2012)
Virunet (2013)
Chemical Threats Phase 3 (w/ Mission:Infect) (2017)
Chemical Threats Phase 4 (w/ Mission:Infect) (2017)
Chemical Threats Phase X (w/ Mission:Infect) (2017)
arM:Igeddon (w/ Mission:Infect) (2024)

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