MaGGot WRist

MaGGot WRist

MaGGot WRist aka Grossiss started out by making freestyle tapes over gangsta beats in 1996. He then went on to battling over message boards and chatrooms, which ended up earning him the title of hardcore champion on battle boards where he retired undefeated. At this time, MaGGot WRist was going by the name Lord Wretched.

MaGGot WRist cut my first solo track called “Violence Is Golden” in 1998. Shortly after tha, he cut another solo track called “Dirty, Rotten” and went back to doing more freestyle tapes with friends Notra and Cereal Pervert, eventually forming a group called Relentless Echoes. The group consisted of MaGGot WRist, his twin brother, Jerkf@ce, and their friend Kneo-FX.

The capital letters in MaGGot WRist actually stood for something — Maniac Gutting Girls While Regurgitating.

The first true MaGGot WRist track surfaced in 2001 and was called “The Sickening.” It featured Kunsume of the iLL-Mortalz. He then went on to release a sampler EP called “Feast On This.” Shortly after, he hooked up with Mista Creepy and did “A.R.V.’s,” which became an instant classic. MaGGot WRist went on to drop a single by the name of “Cremains,” followed by the release of his debut EP entitled “Pukeinyafce.”

Following the release of his debut record, MaGGot WRist released a compilation of tracks called “Rosemary’s Baby Daddy.”


Feast On This EP (2000)
Pukeinyaface EP (2001)
Rosemary’s Baby Daddy (2001)

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