Ryan Bond (born August 8th, 1982) better known by his stage name Madecipha (mad-e-sigh-fa), or Max Omega, is an American rapper, a member of the hip-hop groups Modifi Sci, Righteousness Gone, Unlimited Future Objectives and the founder of Spider Bite Records.

Madecipha is known for his intelligent, gritty lyrics. He often includes references to the paranormal in his songs, going as far as to collect EVPs from noted paranormal activity sites to sample in his music. He took classes with John Zaffis from the tv show “Haunted Collector” and released a book on all of his paranormal photos and adventures. He performs and collaborates primarily within the New Haven, Connecticut area, where he has established a record label, Spider Bite Records; to organize associated artists under one label.


Word is Bond (2009)
To Whom it May Concern (2011)
Eyes Wide Open (w/ Modifi Sci) (2011)
Armageddon Ready (2012)
Judas Christ (w/ Righteousness Gone) (2013)
Completely Disrespectful (w/ 5:AM) (2013)
Cut Your Losses (2014)
No Turning Back (2014)
Zombies Ate My Rhymebook (2014)
Church (w/ Righteousness Gone) (2015)
Coldblooded (w/ MIGS) (2015)
No Turning Back Vol. 2 (2015)
Arachnophobia (2016)
Meet Your Makers (w/ Unlimited Future Objectives) (2016)
Infectious Tenebrosity – The MIGS Mixes (2017)
All Bets Are Off (2017)
No Turning Back Vol. 3 (2018)
Macabre Mentality (2018)
Arguments with God (2019)
Appatight Phor Dissfunkshun (2020)

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