Scraps, B​-​Sides & Compilation Cuts (2000)
Deliciously Vicious (w/ Ruthless) (2005)
Strawberry (w/ Ruthless) (2006)
Atrophy (2006)
1981 (2008)
M.C. Rentz & Friends Volume 2: Siamese Papadapolis (w/ Capaciti) (2009)
I Smell Hip Hop (2011)
Dirty Getaway (2011)
Chalk One Up for the Bad Guys (as Otis Owsley) (2012)
Definition of Dope (w/ Definition of Dope) (2012)
Get This Mutha Crackin’ (2013)
Early Worm Gets the Bird (2015)
Pavlov’s Dog (2018)

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