Lord Lhus

Lord Lhus

Lord Lhus is a rapper from Columbia, South Carolina/U.S.A. He has released albums with his former group, Bloodline, the Savage Brothers, and producer Al Tarba, as well as several solo projects.


The End (w/ Scykotikz) (2004)
Let the Blood Spill (w/ Bloodline) (2009)
A Fist in the Thought (w/ Snowgoons and Savage Brothers) (2009)
Unreleased Classics (2010)
Fuck You Lord Lhus Mixtape (2011)
The Iron Fist (w/ Snowgoons and Savage Brothers) (2011)
We Love You Lord Lhus Mixtape (2012)
Underground Stash (2012)
Al Tarba vs. Lord Lhus – Acid & Vicious (w/ Al Tarba) (2013)
ÏntërnätïönäL RhÿmZ KönnëcT (w/ Eastgarden Music) (2014)
The Devil Hates Pretty (2015)
Essentials (w/ Robin Da Landlord) (2017)
Lord Lhus (2018)
Me the People (2021)

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