Krucifix Klan

Krucifix Klan
The Krucifix Klan is a group founded by Evil Pimp. Some of the group members include Playa Rob, Stan Man, Ms Loko, Polo Fresh, Ill B, Killa Elite and Evil Prince, just to name a few.

Group Members

Chuck G
Crazy Mane
DJ Massacre
DJ Slikk
Evil Pimp
Evil Prince
Gangsta Rip
Ill B
Killa Elite
Killa Queen/Drama Queen
Lady Dead
Lil Bone
Lil Boosie/Boosie Badazz
Lil Jerk
Ms. Insain
Ms. Loko
Playa Rob
Polo Fresh
Reese G
Sir Lance
Stan Man
Suave C


Fuckin’ Wit Dis Klan (2004)
Da Last Krucifixin (2006)
Death Wish (2007)
Mark of the Beast (2014)
Genesis (2019)
Revelations (2019)
Ashes 2 Ashes (2019)
Da Resurrection (2019)
Kings of Kings (2019)

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