Kill The Carver

Kill The Carver

Kill The Carver, aka True The Don, is an emcee from Denver, CO. He is a longtime member of the Lyrikal Snuff Productionz roster and is one half of Death4Told with fellow artist, Fiasco.

Kill has also released multiple solo albums throughout his career.


All Hail The Don (as True The Don) (2008)
White Lipz (w/ Death4Told) (2008)
Machete Muzik (2009)
The Aaron Pryor Mixtape (w/ Death4Told) (2010)
Respekt Few Fear None (w/ Death4Told) (2011)
Buckets of Blood (2012)
Mean Muggers Handbook (w/ Death4Told) (2016)
El Fin (w/ Death4Told) (2020)

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