JynxINC, the Druidic rap duo comprising Eyedos and Krypto Man, has established a formidable presence in the horrorcore genre. Formed in 2003, the group initially included Clam Bake Kid (CBK), who was instrumental in their early development. Despite CBK’s departure, Eyedos and Krypto Man persevered, honing their distinctive sound through various mixtapes and projects.

Their work, deeply rooted in horrorcore, is vividly illustrated in their releases. Albums like “Devil May Care” and “Devil May Care Too” showcase their commitment to this genre, featuring tracks laden with dark, intricate storytelling and intense, atmospheric beats. Tracks like “Black Hawk,” “Celebrity Torture,” and “Evil Dreggs” exemplify their horrorcore style, blending gritty narratives with a raw, powerful delivery.

JynxINC’s collaboration with other artists further cements their horrorcore identity. Their sophomore album, produced by C-Lance and Michael Rideout, features artists such as Madchild of Swollen Members, Killah Priest, and Slaine, all of whom complement JynxINC’s dark, introspective style.

Their latest release, “Stir Crazy,” continues this trend, showcasing collaborations with artists from MNE like The R.O.C. and King Gordy of LARS, as well as Apathy, Celph Titled and Blacastan of AOTP and DGZ. The production by Stir Crazy adds another layer to their horrorcore sound, promising to be a fusion of intense, haunting beats and evocative lyrics.

JynxINC’s music, deeply entrenched in the horrorcore genre, reflects their unique blend of Druidic themes and intense, introspective storytelling. This approach has not only defined their sound but also distinguished them in the world of underground rap.

Group Members

Clam Bake Kid (CBK)
Krypto Man


Killaz on tha Insyde (2003)
Doctor Dysektor (2004)
Devil May Care (2005)
Black Graffiti (2005)
Imperfektionizm (2007)
Machete Medley LP (2016)
Devil May Care Too LP (2017)
Stir Crazy LP (2022)

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