JP Tha Hustler

JP Tha Hustler

JP Tha Hustler is an American hip-hop artist, producer, and owner of music label Grim Reality Entertainment, LLC.

He co-founded Grim Reality Entertainment in 2001 with Insane Poetry frontman, Andrew “Cyco” Holiman, but took over full operations in 2011 when Insane Poetry signed to Denver-based horrorcore label Lyrikal Snuff Productions.

JP Tha Hustler is also currently a member of the LSP roster, as both a solo artist and part of the group Beastmode Warriors.


Faith in Chaos (w/ Insane Poetry) (2003)
Mixtape: Vol. 1 (2005)
Fallen From Grace (w/ Insane Poetry) (2007)
Hustle & Grind (2008)
Defintion… (2009)
Insane Hustler (Maxi-Single) (2010)
Definition (Redefined Version) (2010)
The Insane Poetry Collection (w/ Insane Poetry) (2011)
100% Hardcore (2012)
No Pressure (2013)
Dissinfekted (2014)
Birth of the Beast, Vol. 1 (w/ Beastmode Warriors) (2016)
Beastmode (w/ Slyzwicked) (2017)
Birth of the Beast, Vol. 2 (w/ Beastmode Warriors) (2017)
Team Guillotine (w/ Insane Poetry) (2018)
Return of the Mad Scientist (2018)
Lupah Phaiym Remixes, Vol. 1 (2018)
Art of War (w/ Beastmode Warriors) (2019)
Warhammer Remixes (Deluxe Edition) (w/ Beastmode Warriors) (2020)
Apex Predators (w/ Beastmode Warriors) (2020)
The Amazing Hustler-Man (2021)
Way of the Warrior (w/ Beastmode Warriors) (2021)
Insane Hustler (2023 Limited Tour Edition) (2023)
Depression Determination (2023)

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