James G

James G

James G is the founder and lead vocalist for the independent rap group Bankrupt Records based out of Atlanta, GA.

James G is currently working on his next solo project “Introvert” scheduled for release in 2020.


Underground Mythology (w/ Bankrupt Records) (2005)
The League (w/ Bankrupt Records) (2006)
Night Vision (w/ DUO) (2007)
Gods and Generals Mixtape (w/ Bankrupt Records) (2009)
Double Vision (w/ DUO) (2010)
Amnesia (w/ Bankrupt Records) (2011)
Boardwalk Empire Compilation (w/ Bankrupt Records) (2013)
Monopoly (2013)
Vapor Trails (w/ Bankrupt Records) (2017)
Miles From Here (Big C Tribute Compilation) (w/ Bankrupt Records) (2018)
Introvert (2021)

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