Ill Bill

Ill Bill

William Braunstein (born July 14, 1972), better known as Ill Bill, is an American rapper and record producer from Brooklyn, New York. Having gained notoriety in the underground hip hop group Non Phixion, Ill Bill is known for his diverse lyrics and as the producer, founder and CEO of Uncle Howie Records. His brother Ron is also a rapper and producer, known as Necro.


The Future is Now (w/ Non Phixion) (2002)
Ill Bill is the Future (2003)
Street Villains Vol. 1 (w/ Necro) (2003)
The Early Years: Rare Demos ’91-’94 (2003)
Howie Made Me Do It (2003)
What’s Wrong With Bill? (2004)
The Green CD/DVD (w/ Non Phixion) (2004)
The Past, The Present and The Future is Now (2004)
What’s Wrong With Bill? Instrumentals (2005)
Street Villains Vol. 2 (w/ Necro) (2005)
The Circle of Tyrants (w/ Circle of Tyrants) (2005)
Ill Bill is the Future Vol. II: I’m a Goon! (2006)
The LCN LP Bootleg (w/ La Coka Nostra) (2006)
Black Metal (2007)
The Hour of Reprisal (2008)
Infermo Guillermo EP (2009)
100% Pure Coka EP (w/ La Coka Nostra) (2009)
A Brand You Can Trust (w/ La Coka Nostra) (2009)
The Height of Power (w/ La Coka Nostra) (2009)
The Audacity of Coke (w/ La Coka Nostra) (2009)
Holy Diver (2010)
DJ Muggs vs. Ill Bill – Cult Assassin (w/ DJ Muggs) (2010)
Kill Devil Hills (w/ DJ Muggs) (2010)
How Made Me Do It 2 (2011)
Heavy Metal Kings (w/ Vinnie Paz) (2011)
Masters of the Dark Arts (w/ La Coka Nostra) (2012)
The Grimy Awards (2013)
Howie Made Me Do It 3 (2013)
Septagram (2016)
To Thine Own Self Be True (w/ La Coka Nostra) (2016)
Black God White Devil (w/ Heavy Metal Kings) (2017)
Cannibal Hulk (w/ Stu Bangas) (2019)
Pulp Phixion (w/ Sunday) (2019)
Gorilla Twins (w/ Nems) (2020)
La Bella Medusa (2020)
Billmatic (2023)
BILLY (2023)

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